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3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail


By Femi Doyle-Marshall


If you're an entrepreneur already thinking about failure in business, that's already a problem. In today's REBOOTX Academy article, we're going to talk all about the three reasons why entrepreneurs fail. 


Now, today, like I said, we're going to talk really about why entrepreneurs fail.  Just like in any area of life there's a pattern. 


There's a trend we can always find especially when we look at success. Recognizing what that actually is can make you fast track better results or fast track to find yourself facing disaster or destruction, which is what nobody wants to go through.


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The Pattern of Success and Failure 

In the Academy, I was looking at how a number of the students achieved massive success in a short amount of time. They've accomplished great wins, whether it's boosting productivity, destroying doubt, optimizing their time or increasing income a distinct pattern existed.


You need to strive to avoid the patterns that link to failure. That's how you fast track success much like many of our students.


With that let's outline the 3 reasons why entrepreneurs fail:


#1. Weak Strategic Targets


Having a set target or outcome when it comes to your vision of success, makes it so much easier for you to achieve anything. Not having one makes it tremendously difficult.


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One saying that is common is, "Trying to do everything also leads you to nothing."


If you understand what your target is you ultimately eliminate the risk of failure. You are more aware of the outcome you're aiming to achieve and you can track the results tangibly based on the level of work you're putting in whatever it is.


What does that mean?


If you don't know what you're doing, you can't see where you're going. You need to understand what your target is. You need to know what the actual outcome you're shooting for is, and you then need to be consistent with it. Without that target you may miss the mark.


#2. Lack of Support or Resources


I've seen this happen a lot of the times. As an organization grows, as a business grows, the leader may end up stuck trying to do everything by themselves. This is a problem and a dangerous place to be. Not having access to the right resources or not having access to the right support system makes burn out and overwhelm a painful possibility.

When you are looking to successfully grow being able to outsource the work and the tasks so you can focus on expansion is a necessary step.


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#3. Poor Patterns or Mindset


Poor patterns or mindset can create serious chaos in your life, serious chaos in your business, work and life. I've seen it where individuals will burn themselves out by working nonstop not having a cutoff time, not taking care of their health, not taking care of their finances, not taking care of their spirituality to a point where they're so overwhelmed that something shuts down. 

Another side of poor patterns or mindset that impacts entrepreneurial success is limiting beliefs or blocks when it comes to achievement. Many times business blocks can be overcome by personal breakthroughs.

So, I hope you enjoyed today's article. Make sure you're aware of your mindset. If you have the right mindset, you have the right resources, you will reboot and you will achieve breakthroughs.

Just know that I've seen it time and time again.


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