Femi Doyle-Marshall 

Founder, Director of Education REBOOTX Academy Entrepreneur Incubator

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Femi Doyle-Marshall is a leading business growth consultant, time management coach, speaker, author, and founder of REBOOTX Academy Entrepreneur Incubator.


With a relentless passion for personal and professional development, Femi has built his own successful brands based on the principles of success and is now a trusted source for organizational growth and transformation.


Femi's journey began with a single goal: to make a meaningful impact. Through his Entrepreneur Incubator, he has cultivated a loyal following of members, partners, and Academy Ambassadors who share his vision.


Together, they empower business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations  to realize their own dreams and execute on them with actionable steps. Femi understands the challenges of business building, including stress, fatigue, and emotional exhaustion, and helps his clients overcome these obstacles to achieve the desired results.


Awards and Achievements


Femi's contributions to the community have been recognized through numerous awards and achievements. In the past, he served as the Vice Chair and Student Director of CHRY105.5FM (VIBE105.5FM). He was honored with the 2008 Lieutenant Governor Lincoln M. Alexander Award, the 2009 Bob Marley Day Award, and the 2012 Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Award. In 2019, Femi added "published author" to his list of accomplishments with the release of his book, "Reboot: The Path to Personal Breakthrough."


Femi's impact extends beyond community involvement, as he is also a devoted father, husband, and mentor to over 100 entrepreneurs. His entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 16 when he launched his first lifestyle business brand. Over the course of just three years, Femi successfully built five service and product-based brands, showcasing his remarkable drive and dedication.


Along with running REBOOTX Academy Entrepreneur Incubator Femi serves as the Lead Facilitator and Director of Corporate Programs for BusinessWorkshopsCanada.com home to the top personal and professional skills training across North America.


My Story


For over a decade, I built brands in various industries, from coaching to service-based enterprises. While doing this I searched for a way to effectively manage my time without sacrificing the things I cared about: my loved ones, my health, and my income as a business owner. Despite investing thousands of dollars in masterminds, traveling the world, and dedicating countless hours to finding a magic solution, I always came up empty-handed.


Nevertheless, I persisted, working long hours and hoping that something would finally click. It got to a point where I became so consumed by work that it nearly cost me the ultimate price - my life. 


Struggling to cope, I found myself in the emergency room, displaying signs of a stroke. 


This wake-up call forced me to reassess my priorities and seek a better way to achieve growth, enjoy life, and truly love the work I was doing.


Next Chapter


Today, Femi dedicates his time to advising entrepreneurs, consulting with businesses, and optimizing systems for organizations. He has left the chaos behind and relocated his family to West Coast of Canada, where they can enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.


“As a business owner and entrepreneur, I understand that life is unpredictable. However, I've discovered the power of leveraging time, building effective teams, and creating profitable businesses without burning out. This knowledge has transformed my own life and the lives of countless clients and members.”


What We Do Well


At REBOOTX Academy Entrepreneur Incubator, we excel in the following areas:


Business Consulting & Advising: We provide expert guidance to entrepreneurs and organizations helping them navigate challenges, develop strategies, and achieve their business goals.


Online & Virtual Education: Our comprehensive online and virtual educational resources empower individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for entrepreneurial success.


Workshops & Seminars: We offer engaging workshops and seminars designed to inspire, educate, and motivate entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.


Program Development: Our team collaborates with organizations to design and implement customized programs that optimize efficiency and maximize results.


Business Strategy: We help entrepreneurs and organizations develop effective business strategies that drive growth, increase profitability, and ensure long-term success.


Join Femi Doyle-Marshall and the REBOOTX Academy Entrepreneur Incubator to unlock your full potential as an organization or business owner and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. Together, we can transform your vision into reality and create a life and business you love.


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—Melissa Dyess, Founder & Director, Missing Piece Virtual Solutions


“I met Femi online and was introduced to REBOOTX Academy, back in January. Since working with Femi, I have been able to break many barriers I believed I had in my business. Through Femi’s very knowledgeable, high quality and very professional training I have been able to take my business from the brink of closing to steadily growing and thriving daily! I highly recommend you check out REBOOTX Academy and Femi today!”

Femi Doyle-Marshall has a vast range of experience building and creating strategic partnerships. Schedule a call below to get started and learn how REBOOTX Academy Entrepreneur Incubator and him can help move you forward.

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