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3 Secrets You Must Know to Define Success, Find Freedom & Feel Fulfilled


Secret Systems To Setup Success


By Femi Doyle-Marshall


If you have zero idea how to define success, this might be the most important thing you see today, today's REBOOTX article is all about success

My name is Femi Doyle-Marshall. And over the past seven years, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, business leaders, and everyday folks breakthrough in their business, health and life, all using my REBOOTX Clarity Compass Framework


The Motivated Mind

So let's begin. The first thing I want to highlight with you to define success is the YVE Mentality. The YVE mentality allows you to look at everything happening around you, everything happening in the world and recognizing what matters to you.

The full meaning in the acronym stands for you versus everybody else aka ‘YVE’, okay?

Let's break this down.

You as an individual, have a certain perspective or thing that is important to you, that thing makes you unique. That thing allows you to define what success looks like. Not what someone else is telling you to do yet, it is your own vision of success. This allows you to create a formula that builds the blueprint for you to have a breakthrough and achieve what you want to see. 

You need to know what success looks like to you because you are able to destroy self doubt and eliminate the fluff from everybody else. You want to get rid of it, push it away.

What does success look like to you?

That's the first step.


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Shape of Success

Next is the TME triad which takes the same framework from your YVE mentality and allows you to look at your time, your money and your energy. Each of these things connects to you finding and defining success.


Know Your Time

You have a certain vision of how much time you would like to have every day doing things you enjoy. You should know how much time you want to dedicate to your family, how much time you want to dedicate to your health, how much time you want to dedicate to your financial development, how much time focused on your financial freedom, how much time you want to dedicate towards your spirituality. This is unique to you and to each individual. 


The more, you know, what success looks like to you, the easier it is for you to recognize if you're on the right or wrong path.


Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels


Know Your Numbers

That's just time. Now let's talk about money. If we're talking about money, there's a certain vision you have for financial security. What is that number? What does that number when it comes to financial independence and what is that number when it comes to financial freedom? 

Every person has a different number. 

The more aware you are of what that number is, the easier it is for you to assess if you are moving down the right path. If you are feeling successful right now. That is a very powerful thing. 


Know Your Energy

And lastly, we're going to talk about not just time, not just money, but energy. There's a certain amount of energy you have to put out. There's a certain amount of energy you want to attract and absorb that will look like success to you. Every person has a different vision of that. By taking the time to recognize what that looks like to you, allows you to recognize success compared to everybody else.

Taking the time in refining what your vision will save you hours and years of stress, frustration and conflict in the long-run to define success for yourself.

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