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Why You Must Destroy Self Doubt to Maximize Your Performance

Doubt Destroyer Blueprint


By Femi Doyle-Marshall


If you want to destroy doubt, and you just want the action steps, then stick around for this REBOOTX article.

This article is all about why you must destroy self-doubt, to maximize your power, potential, and performance .

My name is Femi Doyle-Marshall and over the past seven years, I've worked with hundreds of coaches, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and everyday folks to breakthrough in their business, health and life, all using my REBOOTX Clarity Compass Framework


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Don’t Debate Doubt

Today we're going to talk about why you must destroy doubt once and for all. 

The first area we are going to tackle is what I call the D3 Model. The D3 Model stands for ‘Doubt Delays Deliverance.’

Think about it.

What's in the way of your blessing, your path to have a breakthrough, attain abundance or manifest massive levels of success, right now? 

Doubt can block your breakthrough. Doubt can create different reasons that can hinder your level of success, rapidly. 

Understand the second you destroy doubt, you can finally find the right formula for success. This is what I want you to remember.

If you want to destroy doubt fast, you can’t stay in that realm or it can create chaos in your life. It can take you away from your goal.


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Frame Your Formula

Now let's talk about the second point, D2F the Doubt Destroying Formula. If you want to destroy doubt once and for all, you must realize there's always a formula for everything.

There's a formula for success.

There's a formula for financial freedom, there's a formula for better family and relationships and even a formula for better health.

That formula is as follows: Knowledge plus reflection equals alignment. 

The more you seek knowledge, acquire and learn more information to move you forward the easier it is for you to recognize what's happening in your life.

You reflect on that information and doubt is destroyed. 

Now, this is important as it Validates Your Vision.

That's what V2 stands for. You're Validating your Vision. Every single time. You destroy doubt. Every single time you have mini wins, right?

Every single time you move forward on achieving the outcome you want to see in your life you validate your vision.

That is the objective you're pushing for now when you are aiming to destroy self-doubt once and for all. Remember that’s the outcome once you can define success.

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