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One Thing You Must Do to Have a Breakthrough in Business or Life

Build Your Breakthrough


By Femi Doyle-Marshall


If you want to have a breakthrough in your business or life and just want action steps stick around for this REBOOTX article.

Today I’m going to talk about the one thing you must do to achieve a big breakthrough in your business or life.

My name is Femi Doyle-Marshall.

And over the past seven years, I've helped hundreds of coaches, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and everyday folks breakthrough in their business, health and life, all using my REBOOTX Clarity Compass Framework.

So get ready to unpack the tools you need to do the same.


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Knowing Your Formula

The first thing you must do to have a breakthrough is knowing your Success Formula. This formula allows you to know what is important to you in your business and life. 


RX Breakthrough Moment

What does success look like to you? Every individual has their own representation of success. By recognizing what that looks like you can find the tools, you can find the systems, you can find the resources that produce the big breakthroughs that give you fulfillment.

It might mean more time with family and friends, more time with loved ones who you care about, it might even mean more time invested in your businesses. You need to know what success looks like to you so you can determine if you're doing the right or wrong things.

That's step number one, determine your success formula. 


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Recognize A Success Sequence

Step number two to have a breakthrough is recognizing each formula you use has a sequence especially to destroy self doubt

And that sequence is significance plus structure equals success. To have a breakthrough begin with what’s significant to you? What are the things that pull you forward through adversity and setbacks? 

Once recognized you can then find the right structure which will produce your  breakthrough. Every person has a different vision of what success might look like. It changes how you define success.

The more you are aware of what is important to you, the easier you can determine if you're going down the right path or the wrong path that produces fulfillment in your life. 

Know your formula and find your sequence. 

That’s how you have a breakthrough in your business or life fast.


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